NYFW S/S 2016 … A few days in.

We’re* only a few days into fashion week, but the trends are already emerging.  I’ve been catching up today on what I’ve missed, not that I’ll wear any of these actual clothes, but it can be a great source of inspiration and insight into the next fashion season.

Elements transcending through the collections so far…

  • White.  Duh, you say.  It’s spring, you say.  What else would you expect?
  • Black.  Love the gorgeous black dresses, skirts, and blouses that are coming down the runway strong (think leather) and soft (think lace and sheer).
  • White and Black.  Designers across the board are incorporating this classic color combo.
  • Cinched Waists.  Belted trenches, sleek tailoring, and strategic color blocking are bringing back the defined waist.  You know those boxy and oversized cocoon fits that have been prevalent the past two seasons?  Well, they’re slowly fading and the hourglass shape is coming back into existence.
  • Flounce Hems.  Flounce is a very fun word to say.  Say it, “Flounce.”  Told you.  (I haven’t tried this particular look to know how flattering it would be to my figure, but I’m looking forward to finding out.**  If not, at least it served to entertain. )  Ruffles, too, are having a moment.
  • Rusts and Orangey Reds.  Greens.  Purples.
  • Dainty Details.  Lace, sheer panels, glitzy embellishments, fine fringe, etc. are all making gorgeous, feminine appearances.
  • Mixed Prints.  Yes, they’re still a thing, and a great thing.  Check out the looks and get creative with the prints in your own closet!
  • Midi Lengths and High Slits.  The midi length is here to stay.  But have no fear, for all (or at least the sex appeal) is not lost–slits are in.
  • Fringed and Frayed.  The trend-life of these details has been extended to Spring.  Which means you’ll get your money’s worth out of the cute fringed booties and sandals you just bought.

I could go on, but you should just check out my Pinterest board instead.

And if you want to catch up on the full collections, the official site of New York Fashion Week and Vogue’s coverage are great sources.

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*And by “we” I mean anyone who’s the least bit interested in what’s coming down the runway in New York, setting the precedent of what will be “in” come Spring.  For everyone else, it’s a typical Saturday–carry on.

**I’m sure my husband would be fine with me NOT buying a new skirt just because the word is fun to say… or really buying anything new in general.

The featured photo is c/o the NYFW official Facebook page.

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