Winter Essentials

Hope everyone had a blessed Thanksgiving holiday. I enjoyed spending time with family and friends, making new memories and reminiscing on old ones.  And now, on to Christmas!

With winter weather slowly but surely making its way to Louisiana, make sure you’re prepared.  A cute coat is a solid place to start, but there are some other winter essentials to consider:

  1. a turtleneck–worn under a dress, a vest or a sweater, this shirt style makes a chic statement and keeps you nice and toasty
  2. an oversized sweater–thrown over a dress or paired with leggings, this is a cozy and comfortable must-have, or try the latest trend and throw it over another more fitted sweater
  3. tights–these make the cold bearable and can be worn with a dress, jumpsuit, or skirt and can even be worn under pants
  4. knitted beanie–this practical accessory keeps your ears warm and bed head under control
  5. plaid scarf–when shopping for this piece, I say the larger, the better that way you can use it as a shaw or shoulder wrap in addition to a neck scarf

Checkout how I worked some of these essentials into today’s featured outfit…





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