Winter (Beauty) Products

I’ll admit it: I’m a product junkie.  Fingernail polish, lotions, hair styling creams, lip balms–my bathroom is full of half-empty bottles of beauty products.  You should see the inside my cabinets.  (Not really.)

And while many of these were impulsive/ try-out purchases, there are products that I go back to time and time again.


  1. Lip balms.  There’s nothing worse than chapped lips, but L’Oreal Paris lip balms are fantastic.  Not only are these ultra-moisturizing, they provide just the right amount of color.  My favorite is “Caring Coral”.  (I’ve gone through 2 already and am on my 3rd.)  Also pictured,  “Nourishing Nude” is a glossy sheer while “Fiery Red” livens things.  
  2. Moisture.  Moisture.  Moisture.  Winter weather can be so harsh.  It’s important to layer on products that keep your skin from drying out.  Sometimes the simple products are best, and I’ve used Pond’s for years.  It’s my go-to after a warm shower, and I apply it pretty liberally before going to bed if my skin is feeling drier than usual.  I even use it on my face without running the risk of breakouts or clogged pores.  It feels very light and non-greasy.  I also love Neutrogena’s Naturals line.  The Nourishing Night Cream smells amazing, and I use it a couple of nights a week.  And you can’t go wrong with Burt’s Bees, especially the lip products.  This chapstick is another one of those sweet and simple products.  (The tinted chapsticks are great too.)   
  3. Hair care essentials: John Frieda’s Secret Weapon, Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak Dry Shampoo, and John Frieda’s Oil Elixer.  The Secret Weapon is aptly named.  I almost always have it in my tote bag.  It’s great for controlling fly-aways or frizz.  I prefer it over hairspray because it doesn’t leave my hair crunchy or dry.  This cream weighs and smooths to bring my hair back under control, whether I’m wearing it curly or straight.  Dry Shampoo has become my hair’s best friend.  It freshens it up so that I don’t have to wash it every day which helps me retain the natural moisture and oils.  Dry Shampoo also adds a little volume.  If you find your hair is looking a little oily, I’d definitely recommend spraying this at your roots and shaking your ‘do out.  Given that my natural hair is curly and course, I usually have the opposite problem–cue the Oil Elixer.  Styling tools and hot water can do a number on my locks, so I’m always using oils to protect and add shine.  When I let my hair do it’s natural thing, I’ve found that mousse works the best, but the bad thing about mousse is that it has a tendency to leave hair stiff and dry.  But when I add oils before and after using mousse, I don’t have that problem.  
  4. BB Cream.  I’ve opted for Aveeno’s Clear Complexion BB Cream lately over foudation.  I use my foundation as more of a concealer and apply this instead after applying a little Pond’s.  It has a little tint that evens out my complexion, offers sun protection, and feels like a lightweight moisturizer.  Less can truly be more when it comes to skincare, and I’m trying to give my skin a breather and not layer on the chemicals and dyes. 
  5. Colored nails.  Add a little color to your life with a great mani for a winter pick me up.  I’m typically drawn to dark, earthy colors during the winter, but I’ve tried to keep things lighter and more colorful this season.  Being a huge Essie fan, my most recent acquisition was this “With the Band” red.  It’s the color of an old school house and not so in your face as some of the other shades.  The Gel Setter Top Coat provides salon quality shine and longer protection.

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