Short Girl Probs: Shopping For Pants

So a couple of people have been commenting on a pair of black pants I’ve been wearing from Old Navy. They’re a high-rise, skinny pant with a flattering split at the ankle. While it appears black is sold out, here’s where to find them in navy.  They’re great for short gals!
I’ve been asked time and time again where I buy my pants. Despite what my heels may have you believe, I’m a few inches taller than 5 foot, which means that pants your average length are super long on my short legs.  Here’s how I overcome my #shortgirlprobs when it comes to stocking my wardrobe:
1–Short, ankle, and cropped lengths are my friend.  Now, the style of the pant has to be considered. If it’s a straight or skinny leg,  the pant will probably be flattering even though it’s not hitting your leg in the same place as the models. If it flares or has an unusual hemline, things could get weird.  For those styles, it’s better to…
2–Consider a petite size. I’ve found that in styles that are baggier like a boyfriend jean, I can wear my normal size. In a slim or skinny pant, sometimes I size up.  Stores with petite selections that I shop include Banana Republic, J Crew, Antheopologie, Old Navy, and Gap.  (I’m sure there are many more out there.)  Mavi recently came out with petite jean selections, and I’m looking forward to trying them on at Catina Couture.  The problem with petite sizing is that it’s hard to find selections that aren’t grumpy in department stores. Most of the ones I’ve mentioned only offer petitite sizes in their really large or factory stores, so…
3–I’ve learned how to shop online. Online shopping can be intimidating since you’re not seeing the item in person, but these are where the most options are for short girls.  Whether you’re ordering a shorter length/style of pant or going for a petite, I’d recommend the following:
  • Try on something in the store to get an idea or your size or refer to the size chart
  • Read reviews to gauge fit and product quality
  • Pay attention to the fit, style and hen, all which will help guide you in choosing between a short or petite and possibly sizing up
  • And make mental notes of what works for you and what doesn’t. 

And when all else fails…

4–Find a tailor or call your grandmother when you just have to have a pair and an alteration will make all the difference. (Thanks, MeMaw!)

When it comes to dresses, petite sizing can be a bit trickier as the torso is usually shorter and the shoulders more narrow. Sizing up may do the trick.  Dresses and skirts can be hemmed just like a great pant, and having them hit you even an inch higher can do wonders. The good thing about being short is that you can easily pull off wearing a mini length.
Happy shopping! Hope these tips help overcome the short girl problems in your wardrobe. 
Featured photo by Grace Forman

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