White & Blue Collar



 Odds are you have a blazer in your closet.  If it’s reserved only for interviews, client meetings, or board room presentations, you should consider letting it have some fun every once and a whileBecause blazers aren’t limited to the 9-5 corporate life.  

Whether you find yourself in an office, shopping, or just grabbing a cup of joe at your favorite downtown coffee shop, a blazer is a great way to polish off your outfit.  I paired my cobalt blue one with a blue and white button-up shirt and a skinny jean.  Instead of rolling up the sleeves, I opted to leave the shirt peeking out from under the sleeves of the blazer.  And I left the shirt untucked because I liked how the blazer created this peplum-like effect.

When it came to the shoes, these patent brogue heels were the perfect compliment to the casual Friday vibe I had going.  And apparently, I’m really into white handbags right now.  (Perhaps it’s because the color white feels so “spring” to me…not really sure.)  I wanted to keep the jewelry simple, so I chose a delicate gold butterfly necklace that my mom passed on to me when she realized I was way more into accessorizing than she ever was.  (Thanks, mom!)

This look could work in an office, but it could work just about anywhere else.

Let your blazer live a little.  Here are some outfit combos to try:

blazer + striped tee + black skinny jeans + sneakers

blazer + strapless sundress + wedge sandals + scarf

blazer + sleeveless blouse + denim shorts + birks

Happy styling!

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