The Eyes Have It

Alternate Title: How to Make Your Eyes Pop with No Shadow Needed

Forego the use of powdered pigments and try a no-makeup-makeup routine for a change.  All you need are three products and three minutes.

Here I am with foundation and one light coat of mascara on my upper lashes….

Now, we begin.

Step #1: Define the brows.  No  extra brushes needed, just one easy to use gel pen. (No, not that kind.)  The Pixi by Petra Endless Brow Gel Pen in Light is similar to a pencil but is soft like eyeliner, meaning no sharp points or harsh lines.  It’s great for creating a fuller, defined brow, looks natural, glides on smoothly, and stays put.  

 Step #2: Use a nude eyeliner.  Another Pixi by Petra product, the Eye Bright Liner is a great alternative to the typical black or brown.  The light nude brightens the eyes without any noticeable harsh lines or pigments.  (They also have this one, which is even brighter.) It’ll trick everyone into think you have bigger, brighter eyes.  Use it on both your upper and lower lids as you would a regular eyeliner.  If you think the line is too defined, you can smudge it a bit, though it will lose contrast. Bonus:  Apply it to the middle-upper lip line for the appearance of fuller lips.

 Step #3: Apply mascara.  I personally go heavier on the upper lashes and lighter on the lower, if at all, which makes this Maybelline mascara ideal.  I prefer brownish black for everyday use and reserve the blackest black mascara for smoky eye looks.  For me, the brown looks more natural.

Not only are these products easy to use, they’re inexpensive.  You can buy them online by following the links below, or buy them from Target like I did.  (You’re in luck, Lake Charles!  Our Target carries all three.)

And here’s what you end up with…


If you’re one of those saying, “I can’t really tell a difference,” rest assured the subtleties are there.  These products aren’t meant to make a bold statement. They are quiet players in the beauty game, letting your features shine in a natural, subdued way.

Featured Products:

1.Pixi by Petra Endless Brow Gel Pen

2.Pixi By Petra Eye Bright Liner

3.Maybelline Volume Express Mascara / The Falsies / Big Eyes

Ps Thanks to Andrea over at Scarborough’s for the great cut and color (as usual). She’s also the reason my hair is fabulously straight and styled in these pics. ☺️👍🏻

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