Washington Antique Fair

This past weekend, I went to a flea market in Washington, LA. There’s an old schoolhouse filled with antiques, and twice a year (April & October) they open up the grounds to other vendors. This was the busiest I’ve seen the place in the three times I’ve gone, most likely due to the breezy, sunny, beautiful  weather.

No complaints here.

It’s a compilation of slightly overpriced antique furniture, garden decor, the finished products of many a Pinterest project, crap you’d find at a garage sale, old saws, china, dining room sets, old windows and doors, potted flowers, etc.

While it can get overwhelming with the wide range of quality and variety of things to sift through, if you look hard enough and have an idea of what you’re looking for, you can score some real gems and sometimes negotiate a better deal.

Here are some of the non-furniture items that peaked my interest:

I seriously wanted to buy this coat. Being a size 10, it would have needed some alterations before finding its way into my wardrobe, but it could double as a piece of art.  So…bonus points for use value? IDK, but if it’s there the next time I go, the odds are high that this coat will be coming home with me.  I saw a similar coat in a feature on The Coveteur this week and was immediately flooded with regret for not having purchased it.  (Please be there in October, oversized, overpriced butterfly coat!)

If you’re in the market for some Fiesta, this is the place to go.  Next to the cafe is a room with shelves upon shelves of bowls, plates, serving platters, mugs, gravy bowls, etc.  I personally have the plum collection for my everyday dishes but am looking to expand and incorporate some new colors.  I purchased a mocha mug in lemongrass this time around and plan to add on to my collection with each future trip.

If you’re looking to find some cheap art or prints to decorate your space, there are treasures to be found in the school house.

Really, you never know what you’ll find–like this river boat pinball machine.

Before the days of cell phones and Instagram, there were polaroids, film, and boxy digital cameras.  Pictured above are two out of a dozen or more cameras that I came across.  And if cameras aren’t your thing, typewriters, radios, 50-year-old issues of National Geographic, funky lamps and chandeliers, ornate rugs, and an assortment of other collectibles run amuck.  Trust me, there is no shortage of nostalgia here.

When I go, I usually look for vintage beaded bags, jewelry, or jewelry boxes.  Accessories can add a personal touch to an outfit and really make it your own, so I enjoy finding one-of-a-kind, new-to-me pieces to add that unique touch.  This trip, I found a gold chained belt and white billowy shirt to add to my wardrobe.  In total with these two and my mug, I spent $28.

Looking forward to more thrifted treasures and vintage finds in my future, and I’m working on some tips for what to shop for and how to incorporate those pieces into your wardrobe without looking like you are stuck in the past.

If you have any recommendations on where to shop, feel free to share in the comments section!

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