H&M Styled

ManRepeller, Bloglovin and H&M are hosting a cool contest over on the MR blog. It’s easy to enter–all you really need is a camera, an Instagram account, and an item from H&M to incorporate into your outfit. You should totally check it out!

When I read about the contest, I was psyched to participate. Then, I slept, dealt with day-to-day happenings, and (sadly) forgot about it. I finally found some time  to spend sifting through my closet, pulling all my H&M items so I’d have an idea of what there was to work with. At this point, I thought I probably missed the deadline but wanted to try my hand at it anyway. (Later I checked the MR site and was pleasantly surprised to learn it’s running through the 19th!)

Once I had gathered all of the shirts, skirts, dresses, etc. that could gain me entry into the contest, I realized that the majority of the items are meant for cooler (more like winter) weather. Why I have stocked up on sweaters, turtlenecks, and long sleeves when I live in southern Louisiana where humidity and temps rarely go below 80, I have no idea. But I managed to pick out a few peices that would be tolerable (read: survivable) for outdoor photos.

There’s a simple, new-to-me, black silk cami dress that I’ve been dying to wear, so it was an easy choice to work in with my H&M. Originally, I was going to wear it over a white, lacy crochet top, but after trying them on together, it felt a little off. When the husband asked if I was going to my confirmation, I immediately went another direction… that direction being towards twenty-dom, ditching the prebubesant outfit choice.  Stuck on the black dress, I opted for a cropped olive sweater–this time wearing my H&M peice OVER the dress. Much better look.

I wanted to keep it proportional (because short-girl problems), so a blue wrap belt did the trick.  And like any blogger in the vast web knows, there’s nothing quite like a tuck in the front and keeping it loose in the back to say, “Hey, I’m sophisticated but not too stuffy. Ya know?” Also, mullet tops beat muffin tops.

And *gasp* I also mixed my metallics because silver AND gold is much more interesting. (The “clutch” is in actuality a makeup pouch that Ulta gives it to customers who dish out a chunk of change on Honest Beauty products.  Versatile, much like the HB balm…which is nice on the lips and elbows.)

I needed some print in my life, and the calf hair printed sandals fit the bill. I love these because they have a block heel–much more forgiving when walking on uneven pavement.

Anywho… If you have a dress that you wish was a skirt, a belt is a great way to trick everyone. You can also leave the bottom portion of a button-down shirt unbuttoned and tie it up at your waist. Or just embrace the fact that it’s a dress and layer another peice over (or under) without caring if anyone will judge you. Trust me, if they do, you’re having more fun in life.

Now, go for it and enter your own look in the MR x Bloglovin x H&M contest!

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