Investment Accessories

This year my perspective on clothing has changed.  I’ve tried to be less wasteful and more mindful of my purchases, choosing items that are better quality with more long-term wearability.  The key is to not buy into too many of the trends, but choose more classic pieces with a twist or a detail that makes it unique to your style, not stuck in time.  You want investment pieces that will carry you through a decade and into your next stage of life.

I took some time at the beginning of this year to go through my closet and donate/give away any items that I haven’t worn/won’t wear.  This really opened my eyes up to the fact that 1) I’m an adult now and need my wardrobe to reflect that. But 2) I already have a lot of stuff, so when I shop, it needs to be done wisely purposefully.

So rather than buy more grey tees  or black Lululemon leggings, I took to filling wardrobe gaps, purchasing the basics (a trench coat, polarized sunglasses, the LBD for any occasion, a silk button down, etc.) and replacing anything worn out, like my nude pumps that I bought from Express four years ago and can’t bring myself to part with even though I have a replacement Via Spiga pair.

As an effort to cut down my environmental footprint and shop economically, I’ve been buying most of my filler pieces off the Real Real, looking for new-to-me items in pristine condition.  It’s pretty often that you can find what you’re looking for with tags intact.  And being that the Real Real is a luxury consignment site, you’re getting great quality for a steal.  For example, I bought a Tibi blouse (new with tags) on the site for what would comparably have been full retail at GAP.  But my Tibi purchase didn’t make since for the sake that it was a name brand (though it does help that I could turn around and sell it if I end up not wearing as often as intended since it’s “designer”).  It’s well-made and 100% silk, so in theory, it should last longer and look chicer.

But if you’re not into consignment shopping, another way to snatch up good bargains on investment pieces is to watch for a great sale, like the one Nordstrom holds annually.  Sadly, it ended a week or so ago, but I thought I’d share my purchases and why I chose them …

The Stuart Weitzman ‘Tyler’ Wraparound Lace Flat     For a while now, I have been looking for the perfect pair of lace up flats.  Some might consider these to be too trendy, but I beg to differ.  I view them more as a grown up ballet slipper for the working gal, and think this variation of a flat, especially in black suede, can be a classic wardrobe staple for seasons to come.  Being that this style is more popular right now, there are quite a few brands to choose from… Topshop, Zara, Kendall + Kylie, Target, etc.  But I wanted one of good quality so it would last more than three wears, fit like a glove (no awkward gapping), and be authentic suede.  Since the Aquazurra pair that recently ignited the lace-up flat trend sells for $600+, I was excited to find this Stuart Weitzman version to be on major sale.  Quality? Check.  Price? Check.  Comes in black suede? Check. [Shop here.]

The Nixon ‘Ragnar’ Leather Strap Watch     Fossil sent me a cool watch this past Spring that I’ve been wearing pretty regularly, and it made me realize how much I love a good timepiece.  My only issue with it is that’s is a cognac brown, not black.  So I took advantage of the Nordstrom sale and bought myself a Nixon.  I love the wide leather band and square face.  Not to knock anyone’s sense of personal style, but I’m just not into the Michael Kors watches everyone wears.  Honestly, I could care less around the brand as long as I can easily replace the battery, it’s well-made to keep the time, and I like the way it looks.  Again, had to go for the black.  [Shop here.]

The Ray-Ban ‘Clubmaster’     Sadly, this last one wasn’t on sale, but Ray-Bans rarely are. A year and a half ago I invested in two pairs of classic eye-glasses frames, and since I’ve managed not to break either one of them *knock on wood*, I decided I was adult enough to buy a real pair of polarized glasses.  Prior to this, I often sprang for the $5 pair at a convenience store stop on a road trip kind of gal… primarily because they’d end up stepped on, sat on, lost, or at the bottom of tote bag before ending their short-lived lives in a trashcan.  My plan is to never, ever spend this much money on a pair of sunglasses again, so I opted for a classic brand in a timeless style.  And besides the fact that I love a good tortoiseshell… it goes with everything.  Yay! for polarized sunglasses that will protect my young eyes. [Shop here.]

BTW… You don’t have to pay $$$ on these accessories to have a complete wardrobe.  You can find some classic styles and shapes for a lower price.  But if you’re going to throw some extra money into your accessories, timeless polarized sunglasses, a great watch, and versatile shoes would be smarter choices than a dazzling pair of statement earrings, bright blue sunglasses, or loafers that look like you are wearing squirrels on your feet.  (Sorry, Gucci.)  Other accessories that can carry you through many seasons if you choose wisely: patent pumps, riding boots, silk scarf, leather tote, and/or other classic handbag styles (think satchel, hobo, or crossbody).


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