Makeup How-To Roundup

Let’s just go ahead and throw this out here… I’m not the best when it comes to makeup.

Sometimes (okay, most of the time) I don’t care enough to do more than the absolute minimum, which I consider to be foundation, mascara, and lip balm.  Other days, I’ll brush on some blush and bronzer, dab a bit of highlighter, and maybe wear eyeshadow.  Very recently I’ve been attempting to have more fun with makeup and try new things, like a feline flick with liquid eyeliner.  And since makeup isn’t something I’m naturally inclined to know how to use, YouTube has come in very handy.  

Here’s a roundup of tutorials that have proved helpful for me:

Everyday Make-Up Tutorial—Charlotte Tilbury

The Look: everyday, natural, and budget friendly

She shows you how to achieve a high-street look that’s light & airy that you can wear anytime and not feel overdone. And bonus, she uses drugstore brands.

Her Tip: Invest in quality brushes. Even if your makeup isn’t the best and doesn’t blend as well, a great set of brushes will help you achieve a flawless, professional finish.


Feline Cat Flick—Charlotte Tilbury

The Look: natural makeup with attitude

Tilbury demonstrates how to achieve the perfect cat eye while seemingly keeping a soft look

Her Tip: Mark the point you’re extending the flick to for precision and symmetry.


A Classic Case of Winter Face—Lisa Eldridge w/ Alexa Chung

The Look: a spring look for winter skin that doesn’t look out of season

Lisa’s talented skills meet Alexa’s brutal honesty and dry humor in this one, making it my absolute favorite.

Her Tip: If you need to thin out your foundation, add a bit of moisturizer. It works for foundations that seem too dry as well—use the warmth of your hands to make it softer.


Alexa Chung Make-Up Tutorial—Lisa Eldridge

The Look: “slap-dash” makeup for when you’re on the go featuring some of Alexa’s Eyeco products

While it’s mostly Lisa showing you the ropes, Alexa steps in and breaks down her signature eye flick.

Her Tip: Use a cotton swab to create a soft liner effect on the bottom eyelid.


Carmindy’s Basic Five-Minute Face

The Look: a quick and effortless makeup routine for everyday wear

If you watched TLC’s What Not To Wear, then you know exactly what this is.  This a great video to watch if you’re looking to simplify your life.  So many of my friends who are young moms neglect themselves, but this proves that you only need 5-10 minutes in the morning to brighten up those under-eye circles and feel refreshed.

Her Tip: “Carmindize” (strategically apply highlighter to) your face, including the tear duct area of the eye to brighten and make your eyes pop.


The Jen Atkin Makeup Look—Monika Blunder

The Look: bold eyes with a red lip

Celebrity makeup artist meets celebrity hairstylist in this video featuring Jen Atkin’s signature look.

Her Tip: Jen shares that Jessica Alba taught her to fill in her brows with a shade that’s lighter than her natural brow color. This gives you the perfect balance—they’re full but not so strong that your face is all brow, you know?

If you don’t have 15-20 minutes to watch one of the above , another great place to find quick how-to’s is Sephora. The Nars videos are my favorites. They have a series demonstrating how to apply blush and contour cheeks based on your face shape (oval, round, or square). You can watch “How-To” videos from a variety of makeup, nail, and hair product brands. I enjoyed watching Jen Atkin’s tutorials for textured waves and a textured braid using her Ouai products and Bumble and Bumble and can’t wait to try them out for myself.

Hope you find these tips helpful!  

Sound off if you have any others to add to this list in the comment section below.


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