Dressing for the Holidays – It’s Complicated

You’ve spent the past hour in the closet trying to piece together an outfit.  But despite the would-be evidence now strewn across bed, floor and any other available surface within a shoe’s throw, you have nothing to wear. (And they say dressing to the nines, tacky sweater parties, office Christmases, etc. are fun.)

The more you try to conceptualize and actualize an outfit, the more frustrated you become.  Maybe you curse the holiday J-Crew magazine for making you think two mixed prints could go together.  Or you feel deep regret for the impulse-buy dress you’ve now come to believe could only look good on a mannequin.  Maybe you try on the same blouse three times expecting it to suddenly take on a more complimentary shape than uni-boob.

I don’t know your life, but whatever roller coaster of emotions and ill will you find yourself riding, I hope you arrive at something that makes you feel comfortable in your own skin and your own style.  Because honestly, life’s too short to wear unhappy clothes.

Though it’s not really the clothes that are to blame when we get to thinking about it.  It’s us.

Why do we do it …wear happy clothes unhappily?  Subject our bodies to self-deprecation?  Dress for others’ compliments while simultaneously loathing our obsession with comparison?  Waste our imaginations crafting these supposed better versions of ourselves than embrace who we see in the mirror?

Why, why, why, why, why.

If you find yourself in this place, run.  Don’t walk or stop to listen to listen to that voice. Shake it off. Put on your favorite dress or whatever you feel like wearing, and don’t pay it a second thought. 

Listen to the voice that gives you the confidence to be yourself and focus on what you like.

If the tacky sweater’s not your thing, that’s okay.  If you want to wear pants instead of a cocktail dress, props to you.  So what if you’re a tad more festive, a little toned down, or a bit overdressed compared to everyone else.  Be yourself.

Wear what you love and what makes you happy this holiday season.

If you start to hate or lose yourself in the panic to get dressed, here are a few tips:



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