#MyClosetFootprint Challenge

I was one of the first (if not THE first) to buy and wear Toms at my high school.  This was around the same time Invisible Children was picking up recognition, so the promise of the “one-for-one movement” wasn’t just good karma and human decency–it was trendy.  While I was a big supporter of the Toms company (still am) and talked the shoes up to my friends, it’s not like I gave up my Nikes.  Toms were just another pair of cool shoes in the closet.  The fact that I felt like a better human being buying and wearing them was just a bonus.

But this past year, things have changed.  I’ve come to realize how much “stuff” I have accumulated.  And how my shopping choices and the overall hyper-consumerism push and pull are impacting our world.

I’ve already transitioned to buying most of my clothes from online consignment stores, but I’m about to make an even bigger commitment in 2017.  (More on that in a minute.)

My favorite bloggers to follow are the low-key types who do it as a hobby, not because they’re paid to post items by brands or department stores.  My absolute favorite is @cocobordeaux of CocoBordeaux.com.  She’s a full-time consultant and free-time style / interior design blogger based out of Chicago.  This past year, she embarked on a #NoNewThings challenge, buying only new-to-her items from vintage shops or ebay and only accepting truly “new” items as gifts from friends and family.  (You can read about her revelations and style challenges on her blog.)  It’s been a positive and enlightening experience for her, and she’s almost at the one-year mark, proving it to be a totally doable challenge.

Feeling inspired and a little convicted…

I’m embarking on my own #NoNewThings challenge.  Mine will be a little different–I’m intending to not buy ANYTHING (clothes, shoes, jewelry, hangbags, etc.) for a full year.  Not even new-to-me or consignment items will be allowed.

Along the journey, I’ll be blogging:

  1. ways to decrease/improve #MyClosetFootprint (and yours!),
  2. consignment shops, fair-trade brands, and upcycled initiatives I love or have yet to discover,
  3. how to make the most of what you have or convince yourself to give it away,
  4. the background of what led to this challenge and shift in consciousness,
  5. and more looks straight from my closet.

Can’t wait to share the forthcoming posts with you!  I’ll be tagging them with #MyClosetFootprint on social media as well as filing many under the main menu tab above by the same name.

As always if you have any questions or requests for future posts, feel free to comment below.




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