Final (Great) Buys of 2016

You may have seen my most recent post about the #NoNewThings challenge I’m embarking on in 2017 (which is getting closer by the day).

I’ve spent the past year and half upgrading my wardrobe.  This primarily consisted of buying high-quality items that looked the part and had an air of sophistication: silk blouses, wool skirts, tailored trousers, staple accessories, etc.  I’m confident that I have everything I could possibly need to take me through the upcoming year.

There were a few items that I picked up / requested for Christmas 1)to be prepared and 2) to have a few fresh items to work with: a new pair of running shoes, other running / outdoor wear (like these leggings, this jacket, and these shorts), cream fleece lined tights, black tights (sheer & opaque)–had to stock up because they snag easily but are a necessity in cold weather, an off-the-shoulder knit blouse–my something “trendy”, grey cashmere socks, two cowl neck sweaters, a pair of floral Alice & Olivia pumps (under $100), and a pair of pewter Elie Tahari heeled sandals (under $70).

Given that the new year is just a few days away, this concludes my 2016 shopping.  So goodbye Banana Republic, the RealReal, DSW, and all those other cute shops I love to shop.  See you in January 2018

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