5 Pre-Fall 2017 Trends

I’ve rounded up 5 trends that you’re sure to see this fall.

All photos are from the Pre-Fall 2017 Collection coverage on Vogue.com.  Hover over each photo for designer details.

Sheer Skirts: The styling varied, but the trend was heavy.  Peekaboo skirts paired with tights, jeans, a jacket or coat, graphic tees, oversized sweatshirts, or cropped sweaters are seen in collection after collection.

Big & Bold: When it comes to stripes, patterns and prints, it’s a go-big-or-go-home situation this fall–mixing and matching encouraged.

The Deconstructed Work Shirt: Lengthened into a dress, sleeves tied at the waist, shoulder(s) laid bare–however the basic button down could be refashioned, it happened.  Thom Browne made it a significant theme of his collection.

Slits: Looks like you’ll be seeing slits again this season, but they’re not limited to skirts and dresses.  Pants are getting the slit treatment, too.


Red & Pink: This color duo had a budding romance on the Spring 2017 runway, and from the looks of Pre-Fall collections, they’re still together.

For more Pre-Fall 2017, head to my Pinterest board!

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