Things I want to buy, but won’t.

Swearing off new things in 2017 is easier said than done.  BUT IF I WAS buying anything and everything while nurturing a money tree in my backyard, this is what I’d be throwing into my cart:

This Zimmermann blouse has polka dots (yay) and my shoulders’ favorite neckline.


JCrew’s version of jumpsuit finds love with striped shirt and has baby, as sold here.  Cool, right?


This Opening Ceremony dress for reasons not unknown: print, collar, and length (for pairing with loafers).


The alternative to wearing one’s heart on one’s sleeve?  This sweater.  (also JCrew)


In case you missed it, George Orwell’s 1984 sold out on Amazon.  Fortunately, you can still buy Animal Farm, which is a quicker read.  And someone turned it into an embroidered clutch.  AMAZING.  All clutches are equal (of course), some are just more equal than others–and come with a higher price tag.  But I’m theoretically paying via money tree, so in the cart it goes.


Checking out now.

Until next time.


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