Good Brand Spotlight: Livelihood

You may have seen the recent TeenVogue article featuring the launch of Ashley Biden’s brand Livelihood. But before you pass this off as just another celebrity using her position and name for fame and fortune, read on.

Ashley is the daughter of Joe and Dr. Jill Biden. And when she’s not working on promoting her new venture, hosting a launch party, or sitting down for interviews for Vogue, she’s working to make the world (or at least Delaware) a better place as a social worker. And her passion for social justice isn’t just a mere influence on her brand, it’s the reason behind it. Her hoodies are 100% made in America and the proceeds benefit community development. To quote a quote in the TeenVogue article, Ashley wants, “a janitor, a school teacher, the local pastor, whomever is involved in the community to sit at the table and to pick the projects for economic development,” which could support, “education, community centers, literacy programs, tutoring, or workforce development.”


photo c/o

Vogue’s Style Editor, Edward Barsmian, interviewed Ashley Biden and Dr. Jill on the launch of the hoodie line. You can watch the 10 minute video here. Ashley and Dr. Jill talk personal style and fashion influences. They even dish on former VP Joe Biden’s love of Ray Bans, specifically aviators. But the interview’s main focus is the heart behind the brand. Ashley replies with the following when asked what she hopes to accomplish with Livelihood:

“My goal is to inspire people to be collaborative and courageous in both fashion and life, to get people to be involved in their community at a local level, and to give back to under-resourced communities through economic development and really addressing the root issue of poverty. And giving the power kind of back to the people.”

And Dr. Jill expresses her pride in what Ashley is doing, not just with her brand, but with everything that comes with her passion for social justice:

“From an early age she was always very aware of social problems and making them better. I mean, she didn’t just talk about them. She took action. And that’s what she’s doing here. And that’s why her dad and I are so proud of her, because she’s taking action. She sees problems, and she’s working to fix it. That’s what Livelihood is all about.”

And the great thing about #goodbrands is that when you shop, you’re contributing to the cause.  Speaking of shopping, you can buy a Livelihood hoodie here.

Good business is good business.


Livelihood hoodie in winter white – photo c/o

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