Baby Buys – Newborn Edition

I don’t claim to be the expert on all things baby. Still figuring this mom thing out as I go, and with a lot of things, I’m learning by trial and error. But at a little over two months in, it’s pretty clear what items are working wonders and which ones aren’t. So here’s a list of some of my favorite things with links.

  • 4Moms Bathtub – love that there’s no “is the water too hot… is it too cold?” guesswork going on. Green is good. Red is too warm. Blue is too cold. And in case you don’t pay attention to the changing colors, it displays the current temp and beeps at you when you need to adjust. Also love that the water constantly drains, so there’s always clean water at hand to rinse with.
  • Ubbi Diaper Pail – this thing is great. I bought the bags that came with it because there was a bulk package for pretty cheap. It seals in odors so you don’t have to smell the stinky diapers all the time and features a lock for when little one is older. There are a variety of pail colors, but white is the cheapest by like ten bucks.
  • Dohm Noise Maker – this really helps to drown out whatever other noises may be going on in the house. It’s also part of our nighttime “routine,” so when it’s turned on, Scott knows it’s bedtime. I bought this one for traveling.
  • Dock a Tot – So Scott HATED the bassinet and it wasn’t safe or realistic to hold him in my arms all night. He would lay in the bassinet maybe 20 minutes, roll to the side, and then wake up crying. This thing was a LIFE SAVER. Seriously. I only regret I didn’t buy it sooner. Love the fabric – he doesn’t sweat lying on it and it’s breathable. And it basically taught him how to sleep on his back without rolling over. He’s now sleeping in the crib, but I take this with us when he may need to nap while at another house. It’s also easy to grab if I need to change clothes or something and need him to chill for a bit – so easy to move from room to room. I bought the travel bag which might not have been necessary since it’s shipped in a plastic zipper cover.
  • Mon Baby Button – This gives me some peace of mind at night. SIDS is soooo scary, and I’m thankful for the technology that exists to monitor sleep activity. This thing clips onto his clothes and syncs with an app on my phone. I can tailor the alerts by sound and type. Personally I use the alerts for no breathing detected, high activity for longer than 30 seconds, low battery, and out of range. I replace the battery about once a month, and the only negative would be for those who have a large house, they would probably have a weak signal. Typically the baby rooms in with the parents for the first 3-6 months, but since Scott’s more content in the crib, I rely on this and his video / audio monitor. (This is also a few hundred dollars cheaper than the Owlet.)
  • Thermometer – Jeff was like “why do we need this?” and I asked if he’d rather use a rectal thermometer. Enough said. Lol 🙂 So far, I’ve found the readings to be accurate. He spiked a little fever the night following his 2 mo. boosters. I utilize the forehead reading though this one also offers ear functionality. There are so many models out there, I read reviews on Amazon until I found one that I was comfortable with.
  • Ollie Swaddle – The SwaddleMe’s grew a little tight before too long, and it got to the point where he’d work the top portion up to his neck, which wasn’t the safest. I saw that Eva Chen raved about these swaddles on her Instagram, so I read the backstory and was SOLD. The creator was a foster mom for babies and designed it to be extra comforting for them. I bought two (colors meadow and sky), and love it for bedtime. Scott was the worst at not letting you swaddle his arms down. (We do one arm out right now so he can self soothe.) The Ollie has velcro fasteners and can grow with the baby. The fabric is super soft, and even though it says not to put it in the dryer, I do with no problems. The packaging is super cute, and the swaddle comes with a garment bag to use when washing and, in my case, drying. You can purchase them on Amazon or the site. I’d recommend the site so you can use the code “evachen212” for a discount. (During the day, I use these super soft bamboo muslin swaddles and keep his hands up.)
  • Burt’s Bees Burp Cloths – These are my fave. They’re the size of the Gerber fabric diapers without the shrinking up. I prefer the wider rectangle to the narrow burp cloths, though I have and use both.

Hope you find this helpful if you’re a new or soon-to-be mom! – Lydia

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