Thank you for checking out More Than Trends!

More Than Trends is a personal style blog based out of Southwest Louisiana featuring outfits, style tips, and the occasional beauty product. Through these posts, I hope to inspire others to bring creativity to their wardrobes and own an individual style.

Trends come and go, so it’s not ideal to base your wardrobe on pieces that don’t transcend the seasons. I believe in investing in those pieces that you can wear for three years versus three months. (You’ll wear them more often and have more options, making for a functional and economical wardrobe.)

But just because you build a wardrobe with a foundation of basics doesn’t mean your look has to say basic. This also doesn’t mean that you have to buy, buy, buy. (Though I am an avid online shopper.) Sometimes less is more and can actually serve to spur more creativity.   There are so many ways to rework what you already have.  Mix prints. Experiment with an unexpected color scheme. Throw on some leather the next time you wear lace. And most importantly, let what you wear be an outward expression of you.

This isn’t a blog about abstaining from trends—it’s about finding and editing a personal style.

Happy styling.  >>>Lydia

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