How to Dress for V-Day

Valentine's Day (not Veteran's Day) is just a little more than a week away.  Maybe you've been hit by Cupid's arrow this year, maybe you haven't.  Maybe you're sick of hearing about it.  Regardless, the key to a successful look lies in keeping it real and wearing something true to you.  Why?  Because dressing for the sake of … Continue reading How to Dress for V-Day

Styled by Meraiah

The third look of the Sequin Style Challenge is brought to you by Meraiah (@meraiaht), a beautiful friend inside and out!  Her suggestions came by a series of pictures via Facebook: This was the hardest recommendation to execute as I have a similar necklace (from Catina Couture in Lake Charles!) and pair of heels, but as … Continue reading Styled by Meraiah

Style Tips: How to Look Put Together (without really trying)

Whether you’re a young professional needing to amp up your wardrobe or a busy mom on the go who struggles to get your kids dressed in the morning, much less yourself, putting together a polished look doesn’t have to be budget busting or time consuming.  Here's how: Wear clothes that fit.  Foundations are key. If … Continue reading Style Tips: How to Look Put Together (without really trying)