I could bring back the great debate of, "Are leggings pants?" but nobody has time for that and if you do have time, a Google search on the topic will keep you occupied for a while.  Personally, I wear them as pants in casual settings, mostly with longer tops, like this checked one in the WhoWhatWear … Continue reading Checked


                     I'm definitely a neutrals girl at heart, though I push myself into bold colors and prints from time to time in an attempt to try to new things and break out of my comfort zone.   This is not one of those times. Neutral outfits consisting of an earthy … Continue reading Wooded

Run & Roll

Shirt & Shorts: Roll Indoor Cycling & Wellness | Shoes: Brooks | Jacket: Target If you follow me on Instagram, you know  I'm back running.  My goal is to run a half marathon at the end of the year, and I recently began working with Chelsea (Chelsea Brown Fitness) to make sure I balance out … Continue reading Run & Roll