Day at the Park

Today Jeff and I took little man the park. We’re fortunate that the city of Sulphur has established a strong Parks & Rec focus over the past decade+. There are quite a few family friendly spots just a short drive from where we live in different neighborhoods of the city. Lake Charles is where it’s at if you’re looking for scenic runs, but Sulphur wins at playgrounds.

Speaking of kids, this dude loves to be outside. It’s hard to do any outdoor activities at the end of the work day, especially if the sun sets early or the weather is chilly. But I try to do something on the weekends to get him out of the house — even if it’s just bringing him along to run errands.

It’s been a while since we ventured out to the park with the ran and cold weather we’ve been having. The past few times, he was still getting used to wearing sneakers and spent most of the time sporting just socks. It made for an easier slide–his shoes caught the slide a few times this trip which made for a few interesting body twists at the end. 😂 On the other hand, it helped him walk up the slides, which he really preferred. And swinging wasn’t too bad either. 😉

Scott’s pants, shirt and jacket are from Target — love the Cat & Jack line. Bandana bibs always come in clutch whether we’re dealing with slobber, snacks, or a runny nose. I’m not committed to a certain brand and have bought the majority off Amazon. I just look for neutral prints. 🤷🏼‍♀️ Which is also where I found his cute Puma sneakers 👟 (laces are too much of a hassle — Velcro all the way.)

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