Around the Web

Hey Readers!  Here is what caught my attention on the web this week, in case you have free time on your hands:

  1. The Chatroom: Diane von Furstenberg Interview on–Yes, this is a 10 minute long webisode, but it’s totally worth it.  Diane considers herself a mentor to young women (really all women) and is a overflowing fountain of wisdom that she has gained from her experience with fashion and in life.  For all her success, she comes across as the most genuine and down-to-earth lady that you know you’d be fast friends with if your paths ever crossed in life.
  2. WhoWhatWear Target Collection–It was announced this week that the ladies behind the ever popular trend siting blog are bring affordable street style to Target.  WhoWhatWear’s founders (and also former Elle mag editors) Hillary Kerr and Katherine Power will be collaborating with the superstore to bring a fresh and inspiring clothing and accessories collection launching February 2016.  You can read Target’s release on the design collaboration here.
  3. Speaking of WhoWhatWear, here’s an interesting read on successful fashion icons who made it without a college education, or at least put it on the back burner.
  4. I’ve been looking for a wrap belt, but apparently in all the wrong places.  I should have just headed directly to Anthropologie for this one, this one, and/or this one.
  5. Skirts of Urban (SWLA based blog) featured this dress from Forever 21 that I’ve had sitting my cart for over a week but couldn’t convince myself to buy. Needless to say, it looks better in person than it does on the F21 site! I’m sold. 

Thanks for stopping by!  Stay tuned for more fall inspiration to heading your way soon…

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